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DALL·E 2024-01-12 01.01.01 - Depict a woman's transformative journey towards self-actualiz

Allow me to guide you on an exciting journey to uncover your genuine, evolved self, drawing from my personal experience and the GUIDANCE I WISH I HAD when I began.



Discover the inspiration behind the 'Architect Your Evolved Self' program in this brief video, where Anna shares her vision and the transformative journey that awaits you!


Engage with the material at your own rhythm, allowing for deep personal reflection and integration. This course is designed to fit into your life


Engage with a detailed workbook filled with reflection questions and daily tasks. Delve into deepening information about the universal laws and the understanding of feminine and masculine traits – their divine or toxic version.


Utilize specially designed activations to deepen your connection to your evolved self and cement the insights and breakthroughs you gain.


Post-workshop, upon a thoughtful assessment, you will have the opportunity to join an exclusive community of women. This platform is a space of shared growth and support, where your journey can continue alongside those who resonate with your path to transformation.


The Program I wish I had!

This program guides you on a transformative journey to align with your true essence and step into your evolved self. Shed outdated perceptions and unlock your full potential through deep personal exploration, practical strategies, and powerful subconscious anchoring. Let Anna gently lead you towards embodying the version of yourself that echoes your deepest aspirations. Join us to unlock the BLUEPRINT of your life's SUCCESS and start living the life you've always dreamed of.


Just as a navigation system requires a PRECISE STARTING POINT, we begin with a genuine, deep and honest self-assessment to pinpoint where you are in all your life’s areas. You will be guided to define what no longer serves you. With tools working on different layer you will be enabled to let go and make space for your transformation.


Envision and embody your evolved self - the TARGET POINT of your journey. This segment steers you through crafting a vivid and comprehensive vision of your future self, covering all facets of your personal and professional life, internally and externally, and beyond. 


By utilizing your unique resources and talents, your biggest challenges and achievements you will discover and embrace the most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE PATH to your goals, tailored by you for you. Understand that this journey is yours alone, and the paths you create now will lead to the fulfillment of your life's blueprint of success.


Learn strategies to embody, maintain and build upon this evolved state and from this state to create your individual BLUEPRINT of LIFE SUCCESS.

What’s Included

 Engage with the material at your own rhythm, allowing for deep personal reflection and integration. This course is designed to fit into your life



Hello beautiful soul, I am Anna Esen, and it's my joy to guide you on this transformative path. If you've watched the video, you know my story: I used to be a power woman, creating her life with a "FURTHER – FASTER – HIGHER" mentality, embodying and embracing my masculine side within my feminine life. I was very proud of my strength and go-getter mentality! These traits helped me to be the only one in my family to move at the young age of 18 to another country, to finish two studies while working in parallel to pay for my living expenses and education. This mentality helped me secure good positions and grow fast in large international companies as IT Project Management and rise to a global-level role in a strongly masculine-driven field. This same unyielding spirit fueled my side venture into international business, and the absorption of business and soft skills, investing over $100K and 12,000 hours within the last five years, expanding my expertise also as an emTrace & Timeline Healing coach, podcast host, growing huge global network and founder of the MePossible Power Woman community. But a year ago, I faced a stark realization: the principles guiding my journey for 39 years had to evolve. I was ready to shift to embrace more femininity in my life, transitioning from a "Make it happen" attitude to an "Inspired Action" being. This personal revolution birthed "Architect Your Evolved Self," a program molded from my experiences, ready to help you craft the magnificent version of yourself. Allow me to guide you through your very personal metamorphosis with grace and ease. I see You, I love You! Your Anna

Hello beautiful soul, 


I'm Anna Esen, your guide during this program

As you have maybe already learned from the video above, I used to be a power women creating her life with the "FURTHER – FASTER- HIGHER" mentality, emboding and embracing my strong masculinity in a feminine body. And I was very proud of my strength and go-getter mentality. Those helped me to be the only one of my family to move in a young age of 18 to another country, to be able to finish 2 studies and work in parallel to pay for my living and study. This mentality helped get good positions in huge international companies in the area of IT and Project Management and to rise up to global level role in a very strong masculine driven area. This mentality helped me to build international business next to my full time job, create family, learn and implement huge amount of skills by investing almost 100K and over 12K hours over the last 5 years in my business, personal, spiritual and business growth. This mentality helped me to become an emTrace and Timeline Healing coach, launch podcast and to create the beautiful MePossible power women community. 

And yet this mentality was the one to let go an year ago and to learn to shift from "Make it happen" attitude to "Inspired actions" personality as that what have served me over 39 years wasn't anymore that what is now serving me. I went through this deep metamorphic process by myself and this inspired me to create the program "Architect Your Evolved Self"  so you can learn from my own path and create the next best evolved version waiting of you to bring to life. 

Picture of Anna Esen


Our motto is #BloomWhereYourArePlanted

Fatima Zuniga
Fatima Zuniga
Business Development Director for FIG Global
I was seeking growth on my spiritual journey, and I stumbled upon something quite helpful. I now grasp the significance of balancing my feminine and masculine sides, and the workshop experience supported me in planning my year through a divine ritual. Anne is not just someone going through this process; she's an inspirational figure who generously shares her wisdom with other women, aiding us in reclaiming our queen energy. I extend a warm invitation to more women awakening from conventional beliefs to join us and assert their divine feminine energy✨✨✨ Fatima Zuniga 🇲🇽
Lucía Hernández
Lucía Hernández
Founder & CEO of Metódica Digital
The session with Anna allowed me to shed light on beliefs that were limiting me. She always maintained clear, empathetic, and kind communication. Shortly after our session, I could see manifested results. Thank you, Anna, for your beautiful and valuable guidance!
Specialist in Wellness & Spa Hospitality, Certified NLP Business Coach, and Author
Exceptional format of the workshop and presentation—from the engaging design and dynamic video content to the comprehensive content and practical at-home tasks, every aspect is outstanding.
Founder of
I've definitely had many learnings or realizations, some of which, honestly, I didn't see coming; they were completely new aspects to me. I thought I was quite knowledgeable from my NLP education and am engaged with and understand the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, and Gregg Braden. However, there were still aspects and questions that prompted such deep reflection, I briefly cried when it came to my parents. I believe I've grasped the message and the intent of the exercises. It was incredibly intense, and my discovery also had something to do with my voice. Anna it's unbelievable how you can just stand there and speak in front of everyone, not about just anything, but really profound, meaningful stuff. You are spot-on, charming, lovely, friendly, and you look incredibly good while doing it. I'm also a bit overwhelmed, as I had to delve inward and emotionally introspect, and I am grateful to you for this opportunity.


Our motto is #BloomWhereYourArePlanted

If you're ready to transform your life by starting where you are NOW, our program is your next step!

  • This program is designed for women who aspire to embody their most evolved selves and align every aspect of their lives with their true, authentic selves—without compromise. It's crafted for the go-getter, the strong woman who holds the reins in all areas of life and wishes to embrace a more gentle, feminine approach. Whether you're navigating significant emotional upheaval seeking inner stability and balance, struggling to find a partner who can both recognize your strength and offer a space for vulnerability and surrender, or aiming to elevate the relationships in your life—with your partner, children, family, friends, or even your health and wealth—this program is for you. It's also for those on a quest to discover that blissful spot within. The 3-part workshop guides you to gracefully let go of the outdated and embrace your ideal self. Begin the empowering journey to live as HER — the woman you truly are, wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

  • Here you will:

    • Gain a deep understanding of your personal blockades and where you currently stand, turning obstacles into stepping stones.

    • Enhance your self-awareness and architect, then embody, your desired evolved self

    • Develop a fully personalized success blueprint that covers all areas of your life 

    • Gain the CLARITY to consciously create your life, viewing it through the lens of your new authentic, evolved self

    • Over six hours of powerful content based on modern science, ancient wisdom and universal laws designed to dive very deep in your essence and tap and architect your Evolved Version, your Blueprint of Individual Success

    • Powerful Bonus Activation to help you deeply entangle your current version with your evolved version of self and win her as your daily guide.

    • Comprehensive Workbook including all the contemplations for each area of your life, reflection and activation tasks and bonus material

    • Two effective frequency sound waves files designed to enhance your process, available for daily use to help reconnect with your desired emotions

    • Self-assessment before and after the program

DON'T LET ANOTHER YEAR PASS BY CHASING UNALIGNED GOALS AND Someone’s else version of SUCCESS – your journey to a more fulfilled, purpose-driven life starts now.

  • Telegrama

Utilize specially designed meditations to deepen your connection to your evolved self and integrated deep the insights and breakthroughs you gain.

Engage with a detailed workbook filled with reflection questions and daily tasks. Delve into bonus information about the universal laws and the understanding of feminine and masculine traits – their divine or toxic version.


Post-workshop, upon a thoughtful assessment, you will have the opportunity to join an exclusive community of women. This platform is a space of shared growth and support, where your journey can continue alongside those who resonate with your path to transformation.


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More About the Magic

Step into a new chapter of intentional living! As we approach the year's end, it's crucial to wrap up on a strong note, shedding what no longer serves us and embracing the power of conscious creation for the year ahead.

Imagine harnessing the incredible potency of clear intentions and the mystical energy of the rough nights. These moments, steeped in folklore, myths, and the whispers of natural spirits, offer a unique opportunity. They create a gateway to heightened receptivity, where messages from the spiritual realm seem to reach us more profoundly.

Rituals, far from being mere mysticism, hold a proven psychological function. They serve as pillars of support during times of transformation. By engaging in rituals, we tap into the depths of our psyche, setting powerful intentions that bridge the gap between conscious and subconscious realms. Consider this: 95 percent of our brain's activity remains concealed in the subconscious, shaping our decisions, actions, and emotions. It's the realm where the true power of the mind resides.

Reflect on this past year—across continents, cultures, and conversations. 2023 has been a journey of emotional rollercoasters, unveiling deep-seated beliefs and confronting challenges. Now, more than ever, it's imperative to unravel, transmute, and transform these outdated paradigms. As we gaze toward 2024, predictions suggest a surge in the power of creation, an amplified Law of Attraction, where manifestation will hold unprecedented strength.

Why does this matter? Because the last thing we desire is to inadvertently manifest what we don't want. It's about consciously architecting our lives rather than allowing the unconscious to steer our course. Let's step into the upcoming year with clarity, ensuring that our manifestations align with our deepest desires and aspirations.

Discover the tools to navigate this shift—join us in harnessing the transformative potential of conscious creation. The journey begins now.


You support 24/7 everything and everyone. Isn't it time you received the same support too?



Still looking for a partner who can match your strength and support your femininity?


Tired of playing roles and wearing masks all the times? What if you could be your true self at all times?


You've invested in numerous programs in search of that sweet spot of inner satisfaction, but it still feels just out of reach.


Despite reaching goals, you feel a void. What's the missing piece?


Feeling isolated by competition, especially among women. Do you want to embrace unity?


Life's circumstances have compelled you to adopt a strong masculine attitude. What if you could also embrace softness without fear to lose your power?


...And the list goes on. These are not just CHALLENGES; they are the SILENT ECHOES of a SOUL yearning for ALIGNMENT, AUTHENTICITY, and SUPPORT

ARCHITECT YOUR EVOLVED SELF is designed to address these echoes and be the BASE for your TRANSFORMATION.


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